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Author and webmaster: tpn Picka

Some background information about myself:

Where did I learn German:
After I was born in Czech Republic, my parents decided to move to Germany while I was still very young. We moved to Munich and I quickly learned German. I finished elementary and secondary school there, before moving back to Czech Republic to start my studies.

Why did I create this web:
Moving back to Czech Republic, I noticed that many of my friends were struggling to learn German and that there were not many free online courses. So I decided to build this completely free web to help them.

Why do I run ads on this webpage:
Keeping this website up and running requires a certain amount of money. To keep it entirely for free I am depending on the revenue from ads and donations. If you like this web and want to support it, please have a look at the supportus page.

If you have any inquires, suggestions or found an error on the web, please don't hesitate to contact me. More information can be found on the guidelines page.


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