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German online tests

German online language tests are divided into several categories. Each category contains German tests with different difficulties. The tests are completely for free and focus on different grammar exercises.

Even though we don‘t offer any German online course you can use these free tests to improve your German language skills.

You can run German online tests directly from this webpage or select your favorite category from the left side menu. You will also find there also more detailed descriptions and explanation of those German online tests.

Missing words I

For these German online tests, you need to add the missing words into the German text. There is always only one word missing in each text field. The test is case sensitive, so please use uppercase and lowercase correctly. Special characters have also to be written correctly. You can copy them from the small box below the menu on the left side.

» German verbs perfect tense worksheet
» Fill in the missing words
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Missing words II

For these German online tests, you need to add the missing words into the German text. However, you have a drop down list with predefined choices, that make this online test easier than Missing words I.

» German online free test
» German vocabulary test - noun articles
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Build sentences

In these German online exercises, you have to use the given words to create a correct sentence. Everything counts – the order, the grammar, the spelling, the special characters and even lower and uppercase letters.

» Right word sequence
» German word order exercise - Satzbau
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Understand the text

These free German online exercises test how good you already understand an unknown German text. Read the given story carefully and answer the questions below. All questions are Yes / No questions. All texts are from publicly available sources.

» Tschechien zum zwölften Mal Weltmeister
» Champions League Finale - FC Bayern München - Inter Mailand
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Basic test

The best way how to learn German is to exercise regularly. These free online multiple-choice tests have always just one correct answer. Similar types of tests are used at different schools and colleges.

» Advanced German online exercise
» German university entrance qualification II
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Redundant words

In these online tests, you must find one word that does not fit in with the others. Write this word in the box on the right side. Keep attention to lower and uppercase letter and special characters.

» Computer
» Complaints - Redundant words
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Find the mistake

Find all errors in these free German tests. You are always given multiple options to choose from. But be carefully, sometimes there may not even be an error!

» German grammar mistakes
» German spelling - m or mm
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