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Build sentences

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22.07.2018 - Put the words into the right order. Level: B2 ... continue

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11.02.2018 - Use the given words to build correct sentences in German lanuguage. Level: A1 ... continue

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21.01.2018 - Free German online test. Rewrite the sentence into perfect tense. Use the right form of the helping verb with the past participle. Level: A2 Example: Sie geht in die Arbeit. Sie ist in die Arbeit gegangen. ... continue

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31.12.2017 - Build the sentences using the right form of the German verb. Use only perfect tense. Level: B1 ... continue

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10.12.2017 - Online test - answer the questions correctly using the right conjugation of the German verb "sein". Use only present tense. Answer either possitve or negative. Level: A2 Example: Sind Sie Herr Peters? Positive: Ja, ich bin Herr Peters. Negative: Nein, ich bin nicht Herr Peters. ... continue

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